We are a Company of Peruvian capital that is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic products in general. In the Agriculture sector, nurseries division, we have been developing a range of Seed trays according to customer needs. We develop projects that range from the manufacturing of inyection molds and the production of them, our customers have rigid trays produced by us with more than 10 years of use without spare. Currently we are with our products in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, with a wide range of nurseries that support our trajectory.
Within the competitive advantages of our trays we find the durability, the perfect safety when washing them, ventilation ducts, vertical veins inside the cone, the development of the seedling thanks to the design of the cone and their easy stacking to guarantee good logistics.
If a nurser need the development of a new tray, we go from the beginning with the development of the project, manufacturing the molds until the delivery of the seedplants (plastic trays) by hand of the customer, always assuring their need.